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Check out everything Baker's Pride Bakery has to offer.


Birthday & Specialty Cakes | Doughnuts | Gormet Pies | Cookies | Cheesecakes | Bars | Mini Teas | Trays & Tarts | Breads | Cupcakes

Try on of our delicious birthday cakes and specialty cakes for your next event.
Birthday Cakes & Specialty Cakes


We offer birthday cakes and specialty cakes in all different varieties and sizes. Our birthday cakes start as a yellow or pound cake that serves 6 all the way up to a full sheet cake that can serve up to 80 people.


The specialty cakes include such flavors as Savannah Chocolate Cream to Black Forest to Hummingbird!


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Baker's Pride's doughnuts come in glazed, covered, filled, or, even, in holes.


There are doughnuts, and then there are Baker's Pride doughnuts. They have become a stable breakfast pastry in the Coastal Empire and in conference rooms all over Savannah, you can find these delicious goodies in their famous white box and classic sticker.


While the classic glazed doughnuts have become locally famous, we offer a number of different flavors and options - from chocolate covered to cake to filled and more. And if you really want, try a JUMBO doughnut instead of a cake next time!


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Baker's Pride's pies are the best pies for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or holiday gathering.
Gourmet Pies


There is nothing more Lowcountry than a fresh baked apple pie, and at Savannah's Family Bakery, we make our homemade pies with the freshest ingredients so you get that authentic taste you remember as a kid!


We offer a wide variety of pies including fruit pies, key lime pies, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, sweet potato pies, and many more!



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The smell and taste of our fresh baked, homemade cookies will take you back to your childhood, and really, it just does not get any better than that!


If it is chocolate chip, we've got it. If it is oatmeal raisin you're craving, we've got it. We know you all love our locally famous chocolate chewies, and we'll definitely have those ready for you!




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Savannah's Family Bakery's cookies are hand made, soft, and delicious.


At Baker's Pride, we offer over 20 different types of cheesecakes for any occassion or craving. From a traditional New York style cheesecake to a scrumptous Snickers Blitz cheesecake, we've got every flavor for your next Savannah event!





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Savannah Bakery's cheesecakes come in a variety of flavors including New York, white chocolate, and, even, Butterfinger.
Bars & Assorted Desserts


These square delicious treats come in over 10 different flavors including brownie, blondie, and, even chocolate bourbon pecan! Choose a large or small size depending on your appetite!


While not everything fits into an area, everything falls into desserts at Baker's Pride. Check out our pricing sheet for all the other different desserts we offer!




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Baker's Pride's variety of bars include brownies, blondies, and, even, our chocolate bourbon pecan bars.
Miniature Tea Pastries


Miniature tea pastries are smaller, bite size versions of some of our favorite desserts. These make perfect desserts for weddings, conferences, or, even a small house party.




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Miniature Tea pastries are a delicious addition for your Savannah event or Savannah wedding.
Mini Tea
Trays & Tarts


Our many pastry trays are a great pick up for an office gathering, a classroom breakfast, or a holiday party. 


If a tray display doesn't quite do the trick, our handmade and delicatelly crafted fruit tarts and sure to get your guests' attention. We've even got different types for any occassion.




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Fruit Tarts are a beautiful and delicious dessert for your Coastal Empire event or gathering.
Try any of Baker's Pride's breakfast breads, bagels, rolls, or assorted breads.
Assorted Breads


Got a wedding reception or a holiday dinner coming up? Then you know, no meal is finished without a good bread to add to the meal. You'll love our famous butter rolls and assorted breads.


Looking for something a little sweeter? Check out our sweet breakfast breads!




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These cupcakes are Savannah's best, moist, delicious desserts.


These delicious miniature cakes are a great alternative for our larger cake without losing the taste and beauty of our famous cakes! Choose any combination of cake and icing that you want and add in any additions you'd like!


Our cupcakes are great for your next birthday, class party, or, even, wedding dessert




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